The Triathlon Training Book


the-triathlon-book-600 2.jpg

The Triathlon Training book, works alongside the website; you can take the drills/ thinking to the pool or track for reference. As well as detailed information on swim, bike, run and transitions it also has some great features on:

  • Common triathlon type injuries
  • Pre-hab sessions (using a foam roller etc)
  • Information on Tapering
  • Race preparation
  • How to fuel for performance
  • Warming up & cooling down & why
  • Common complaints & how to deal with them (cramp/ road rash/ DOM's etc)
  • Goal setting & other psychological tools

You can also in your own time read about the techniques of swim, bike and run. Reading is another way in which people learn and take in information. Hopefully I have covered all bases for each of the different learning styles out there. 

Enjoy the read,