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Road to Rio
Paul Burton, Ironman Zurich
1st August 2016

Back to back Ironmans

Ironman is a stupid enough way to spend a day at the best of times – so racing Zurich four weeks after my Fast-But-Not-Quite-Fast-Enough 9:05 at Austria was always going to be ‘interesting’ and the range of possible outcomes was rather ...

13th May 2016

How to release tight calfs for Triathletes

Releasing your calfs using this techniques (MET) I find much more specific than using rollers or a ball on your calfs, please have a go and share if you like it if you have found it beneficial. Tight calfs can lead to shin splints, ...

Can mental toughness be trained?
10th March 2016

Can Mental Toughness Be Trained?

We are not too far from the start of silly season (race season) – some of the elite athletes have kicked off their WTS racing in Abu Dhabi and early season Ironman races are kicking off. It all gets very exciting very quickly. ...

10th March 2016


I’m not the biggest fan of duathlons but, after a long winter with only a smattering of X-country races, I was keen to kick the season off. Two other members of the team, Chris and Paul, had similar ideas and so we headed up to ...

Sand Running, James Beckinsale Virtual Triathlon Coaching
29th February 2016

Sand Running… Why?

After just returning from our warm weather camp in Spain, I thought I would kick off my newsletter/blog with why I prescribe sand running and its benefits. Each February I take the team (and the London triathlon Academy) away for a ...

James Beckinsale, Virtual Triathlon Coaching
29th February 2016

Road to Rio – Training Camp

After having to clean my bike one too many times after mucky, cold, winter riding, I was more than happy to escape to Spain for a lovely, sunny training camp. The aim of the camp for me was to get a solid two week training block in ...

26th October 2015

Turkish Delight

After my disappointing race in Chicago, I was adamant that I wasn’t going to end the season then and there. I had, in any event, planned to do a World Cup in Cozumel but binned that idea, recovered for a week and then put my head down ...

10th October 2015

Ollie Murphy – Testimonial

I joined James’ Optima set up at the end of 2013 after moving down to London. I was initially hesitant about turning up to the sessions. From the outside James’ coaching group looked like a very professional outfit and I ...

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