Ironman Training Plan

12 WEEK PLAN (12 – 16hrs per week)

The key outcome of the Ironman Training program is to ensure you, the athlete feel ‘bullet proof’ on race day. The sessions start manageable if you have decent base fitness. From there, the progressions are tough but manageable and you are guaranteed to finish or PB in your race if 1) you were uninjured at the start, 2) you can complete the progressions 3) you get adequate rest & recovery.

You have set your seasons goals to compete in or complete an Ironman. This Ironman plan is designed to cover all your needs from a swim, bike, run perspective with additional strength sessions to ensure full body conditioning. Depending on your available time the overall plan will cover 3 x swims, 3 x bikes, 3 x runs per week with sessions lasting from 30 minutes to a long bike at the weekend building up to 5.5 hours.

Plan Overview

For all levels

You have either gone through the whole process from Foundation building your skills and technique into Winter building your fitness and holding technique under more pressure and now you’re embarking on the final preparation to your Ironman. Or you may be just tapping into this phase of your training to help you with your final preparation for your Ironman.


  • Plan duration – 12 weeks
  • 12-16hrs a week
  • Increase the mental strength required for Ironman

How to purchase

I use Training Peaks for all of my training plans as it makes it much easier for the athlete as you will be emailed your training sessions each day. You can do as little or as much with Training Peaks as you want, uploading your sessions from your training device or do nothing at all and just receive your training sessions daily.


Buy on Training Peaks. (all prices are in dollars as the plans are on Training Peaks, a US company).


Example of a Plan

6 x 5K run
ensures you’re bullet proof getting off the bike.

Paul Burton (9 x Ironman and Kona Qualifier)


James started coaching me as an age group athlete in 2009 while I was working full time as a lawyer. I started to make remarkable improvements under his guidance and in early 2011 we took on the mammoth task of qualifying for the London Olympics.
Read Gill's story
Gillian Sanders
I met James in late 2007, with one Kona (scraping a roll-down slot) and one sub-10 hour Ironman to my name, but I really didn’t believe I was capable of going much faster and was thinking of moving on to other challenges. Over the next four years under James’ coaching, I qualified for Hawaii every year (no roll downs needed), made the top 20 twice in Kona, knocked 5 minutes off my swim, 25 minutes off my bike and nearly 20 minutes off my run PBs and achieved my dream goal of completing an ironman in under 9 hours (at the age of 44).
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Tim Bishop
Ironman (45-49), Kona Qualifier
I've loved working with James to address the physical, skill and mental limiters that have been between where I started and where I want to get in Ironman racing. The physical is the sessions we do and why, the skill is stuff you can only get from a coach that's been pool and trackside for years and finally the mental approach is key to both training and racing - when the going gets tough in an Ironman. I've learnt a huge amount in 2 years working with James both qualifying for and having a great debut Kona, and am excited about what the future has in store together.
Paul Burton
If you have any questions regarding the Ironman plan, please feel free to contact me.