Foundation Plan

6 – 12 WEEK PLAN

The Foundation plan is the start of your triathlon journey, around 6 – 12 weeks duration and roughly 30 – 36 weeks out from your major race. That said, if your swim is front pac & does not need work, you can start putting in “winter” training on your swim (harder sessions).

If you are new to running and your run requires lots of technical work to improve your economy/strength you may need to take more time over your progressions staying in the “foundation phase” for longer than 12 weeks to ensure you are technically sound and don’t get injured.

This phase will equip you with the tools necessary to cope with the harder winter to follow. You will see that the sessions are laid out with a flow to them.

Plan Overview

For all levels

The foundation phase can be 6 – 9 months out from your A-race , it’s a relaxed time of the year, no racing = no stress. You can be calm when going through new exercises or movement patterns, being in a more relaxed/ calm mindset will enhance your sensory perception, therefore speed up mastery of skill.

It’s easy to try to want to do something different when you are highly motivated 4 weeks out from your A-race, but you will be in “train hard mode” and no time to change significant technical elements, and you could possibly be stressing about the upcoming event.

Motivation gets you out of bed in the morning, commitment to change makes you a better athlete.

Finally, be patient and don’t rush to doing too much volume too soon, it’s a long triathlon year and unless you want to be exhausted after the first 3 months, build up progressively.

* The Foundation Plan comes with links to my Complete Triathlon Training Video Series.


  • Skill Mastery
  • Progressive Adaptation
  • Fat Utilisation

How to purchase


I use Training Peaks for all of my training plans as it makes it much easier for the athlete as you will be emailed your training sessions each day. You can do as little or as much with Training Peaks as you want, uploading your sessions from your training device or do nothing at all and just receive your training sessions daily.

Buy on Training Peaks. (all prices are in dollars as the plans are on Training Peaks, a US company).


Example of a Plan

Within Triathlon we don’t want to waste a stroke, revolution or step. Ensure you master yours.

James Beckinsale


I've loved working with James to address the physical, skill and mental limiters that have been between where I started and where I want to get in Ironman racing. The physical is the sessions we do and why, the skill is stuff you can only get from a coach that's been pool and trackside for years and finally the mental approach is key to both training and racing - when the going gets tough in an Ironman. I've learnt a huge amount in 2 years working with James both qualifying for and having a great debut Kona, and am excited about what the future has in store together.
Paul Burton
I met James in late 2007, with one Kona (scraping a roll-down slot) and one sub-10 hour Ironman to my name, but I really didn’t believe I was capable of going much faster and was thinking of moving on to other challenges. Over the next four years under James’ coaching, I qualified for Hawaii every year (no roll downs needed), made the top 20 twice in Kona, knocked 5 minutes off my swim, 25 minutes off my bike and nearly 20 minutes off my run PBs and achieved my dream goal of completing an ironman in under 9 hours (at the age of 44). I also finished IM Lanzarote in a better time than I’d managed at IM Austria before James. James’ knowledge and expertise as a triathlon coach are a given, but what sets him apart is his ability to adapt to (and learn from) the different personalities and abilities of his athletes. He enables all his athletes to achieve beyond their previous expectations and to dream big.
Read Tim's Story
Tim Bishop
(Ironman 45-49)
If you have any questions regarding the Foundation plan, please feel free to contact me.