Frequently Asked Questions

I use Training Peaks for my training plans. Find out more about Training Peaks here.

Yes you will need to sign-up for a Training Peaks account to buy and use my training plans. You do not need to pay for a Premium Training Peaks account to use my plans.

The Training Plans are priced in dollars on my website as they are hosted on Training Peaks, a US based company.

If you’ve signed-up to my newsletter but have not received your activation email, please check your email spam folder.

Videos (Hosted on Vimeo)

As the videos are hosted and bought through Vimeo this is what they say about their refund process:

“If a purchaser would like to request a refund directly from you, they can do the following:

1) Send you a message from the VOD page. The “Message” button is located on the right hand side of the page, below the poster image.

2) Explain that they were not satisfied with their purchase, and that the’d like to request a refund. Once they do this, we need you to send an email to with a) a link to the buyers Vimeo profile, and b) a request to refund their purchase.”

Training Plans – (hosted on Training Peaks)

The refunds go direct through Training Peaks, please write into Training Peaks support.