Ollie Murphy - Testimonial


I joined James' Optima set up at the end of 2013 after moving down to London. I was initially hesitant about turning up to the sessions. From the outside James' coaching group looked like a very professional outfit and I was unsure that I was the right caliber of athlete, having only done a handful of triathlons and 10k races. It became clear pretty quickly that I had made a good decision. James maintains a coaching environment in which it is an athlete's attitude rather than their ability that is the most important factor. It didn't take long under James coaching for me to start believing that it might be possible to compete at a higher level than I had considered myself capable. James knows how to push an athlete's buttons but compliments this in equal measure with deep technical knowledge. In the two years that James has been coaching me my running technique has been completely transformed (I think my swimming technique might be beyond even James' expertise). I have picked up so much in the two years of James' coaching. I look back at the training I was doing before I joined the Optima set up and cringe a little bit.